Shiʿi Islam: Doctrine, Practice & Revolution


Islam= 1) Peace,  2) Submission

Shia= Follower (of Imam Ali)

        Two Main Denominations: Sunni Islam & Shiʿi Islam

        Five Pillars of Sunni Islam: Faith (Shahadah), Prayers (Salat), Charity (Zakat), Pilgrimage (Hajj) and Fasting (Sawm)

        Five Pillars of Shiʿi Islam: Monotheism (Tawhid), Divine Justice (Adl), Prophecy (of Mohammad), leadership (Imamah), Last Judgment (God's final assessment of humanity)

        The Branches of Shiʿi Islam: Zaydi, Ismaili & 12 Imami

        Principles of “Twelve ImamiShiʿi Islam (Jafaries)

        Three Main Approaches of Shiʿi Islam: Traditionalist Islam, Modernist Islam, and Political Islam

        Peace, Rationality & Democracy:

1) Islam is the religion of peace

2) There is no offensive jihad in Islam

3) international regulations & conventions are respected

4) Shiʿi Islam is based on “Rationality”

5) Islam is compatible with democracy

        Conclusion: There are many readings in Shiʿi Islam

        Islam is the religion of peace and democracy

        “Radical Islam Terrorism” is not the mainstream!

         Radicalism roots in its own “context”